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Your first chiropractic appointment will begin with a consultation. You and the doctor will discuss your health history and symptoms to help the doctor develop a thorough understanding of your needs.


If your condition can be helped by chiropractic care, the doctor will proceed with the examination process to identify your specific diagnosis. If chiropractic care is not right for you, then the doctor will provide you with a referral to a provider that would be a better fit for you.


The examination can include testing your range of motion, comprehensive orthopedic tests, neurological testing, postural and physical examination, and/or other assessments. This examination will allow the doctor to gain valuable insight into your condition and how chiropractic care will help you heal. The doctor may need to refer you out for X-rays, imaging, and/or additional assessments to gain a complete picture of your condition.


Based on your examination and results of your assessments, the doctor will inform you of your diagnosis and thoroughly explain the recommended treatment and any alternative options for treatment. The doctor will educate you on possible risks involved with treatment and attain your consent before beginning your first treatment.

As you check out of our offices, you will schedule your follow up appointments based on the treatment plan recommended by the doctor.

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"So many positive things to say about this clinic...
*friendly and efficient office staff who always keep me updated on my insurance coverage. *super easy to get appointments after work or on the weekends *talented doctors....I always leave feeling better than when I walked in. Highly recommend! Thanks SFC"

~ D ~

NP pw
New Patient Paperwork

Please bring your insurance card to your first appointment and plan on arriving at least fifteen minutes early to complete paperwork. To save time, you may bring completed paperwork to your appointment (linked below).


If you are treating due to a motor vehicle accident or injury while at work, there will be some additional paperwork to complete when you arrive, this additional paperwork usually takes another fifteen minutes, so be sure to come early!


We are in network with many insurance carriers.

Please check with your carrier to see if we are in network


if your plan includes chiropractic care.

"The staff is ALWAYS so helpful and friendly.  Dr Jen & Dr Erica have pulled me out of painful back situations many times!!  They are great when calling from a cancellation list. I have gotten a call both times I have been on the cancellation list and really appreciate it.  They sent me with "at home" lower and mid-back stretches that have helped me in a big way.  Nice setting and very relaxing. Nice lobby. Extremely easy to get to w/ plenty of parking.  Would never want to go anywhere else.  I have been using Dr. Jen and Dr. Erica for at least 4 years and they have never let me down!!"

~ A ~

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